I believe in the sun even when it is not shining.
I believe in love even when I’m not feeling it.
I believe in G-d even when He is silent.    – Zvik Kolitz

Zvi Kolitz was a theatrical producer, film maker and writer. Best known for his book, “Yosi Rakover Talks to G-d,” he originally wrote the story in 1946 for a Jewish newspaper in Buenos Aires. The story’s setting is in the final days of the Warsaw Ghetto and involves a pious Jew, who challenges G-d with the statement:

“And so my G-d before I die, freed from all fear beyond all terror in a state of absolute inner peace and trust, I will allow myself to call you to account one last time in my life. I believe in the G-d of Israel even when he has done everything to make me cease to believe in Him.”

Born in Alyta, Lithuania, Kolitz attended the Yeshiva of Slobodka and then lived for many years in Italy. While there, he attended the University of Florence and the Italian Naval Academy of Civitavecchia. He emigrated to Israel before the War of Independence and led recruiting efforts for the Zionist Revisionist Movement. After Israel’s independence in 1948, Mr. Kolitz became active in the nation’s literary and cultural life.