“Cast off from upon yourself all of your transgressions through which you
have transgressed, and make yourselves a new heart and a new spirit.
Why should you die, O House of Israel?
For I do not desire the death of one who should  die.
— the word of the Lord Hashem/Elohim. Turn yourselves back an live!”

EZEKIEL 18:31-32

The concept of repentance in Judaism is called “Teshuvah.” The word literally means to “return.”
Only by atoning for our transgressions can we restore our relationship with Hashem/G-d and get right with our fellow human beings.

During the High Holy Days in our Synagogues, we are frequently praying and repenting (Teshuvah). In these prayers we recognize our transgressions and wrongs that we have committed at any time, figuring out how to undo the damage.  After much prayer and deep thought, the person resolves to never commit such a sin again. Teshuvah requires the sinner to ask forgiveness of the other person they have offended.